Dee India Kamakshi Sex Stimulant Malt for Women

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Dee India Kamakshi Sex Stimulant Malt for Women
Kamakshi Malt can be used in different ways as you desire. Most common use with either milk or water. Also it can be added with fruit –pulps, yogurt or honey for thicker drink. 
Kamakshi Malt increases libido, restores lack of sex drive, creates frequent interest.
Volume: 400gm.
An Ayurvedic Product, No Side effect.
A Quality Product from Dee India
  • Vivid ViaMAX Power Sexy Coffee - Sex Stimulant for Women 8 Sachets

    Vivid ViaMAX Power Sexy Coffee - Sex Stimulant for Women 8 Sachets
    This product is elaborately made by adding special aphrodisiac factors into instant 
    drinks and liquors and take the aphrodisiac effect after drinking it. About 15 minutes after taking she will look rosy in face and show great desire for love in eyes and a warm stream begins spreading in her body. At this time she is very passionate, charming and longing for being loved, which will bring you great enjoyment.
    Effects: t can effectively stimulate women's nerve centre, regulate hormone secretion and enhance their sexual desire.
    Main compositions: Instant coffee, aphrodisiac factors and grape pulp.
    Dosage: Take after mixing with water or drinks or milk,1 sachet each time 15minutes before sexual intercourse.
    Note- Do not repeat taking within 72 hours.
    A Quality Product from Herbal Vivid
    INR 1900.00
  • i-can Pregnancy Test Kit - Pack of 3

    i-can Pregnancy Test Kit

    i-can is a pregnancy test kit. It was launched in 2011 as a part of the women's intimate range of products.
    Being pregnant is a very important event in any woman's life. A woman wanting to know if she has indeed conceived or not, may suffer confusion and therefore anxiety till she is able to confirm that she is indeed pregnant.

    Key Ingredients:
    i-can is a HCG hormone detection kit which helps a woman know accurately if she is pregnant; and in complete privacy.

    How does it work:
    i-can pregnancy test kit is a very simple strip that lets you know your pregnancy status by testing your urine. It works by detecting the presence of HCG hormone in agglutinating sera reagent strip.

    Directions for use:
    A woman wanting to know if she is pregnant must perform test with i-can as early as 6th day after conception. However, the ideal day to perform the test for most accurate result is on the day of the expected period. The test with i-can must be performed with the early morning first urine.

    A Quality Product from Piramal Healthcare

    INR 150.00
  • i-sure Ovulation Strip

    i-sure Ovulation Strip

    i-sure is an ovulation test kit. A woman’s chances of getting pregnant are highest on 2 days of any month – the time when she ovulates. i-sure detects these 2 days with 99% accuracy.
    i-sure was launched in 2011 as a part of the women's intimate range of products consisting of i-pill and i-can.
    A woman trying to get pregnant suffers confusion and anguish with each passing month when she is not able to conceive.

    Key Ingredients:
    i-sure is an LH surge detection kit that identifies the LH surge in a woman's body and indicates the days when she will ovulate 12-24 hours in advance.

    How does it work:
    i-sure is a pack of 5 single use LH surge detection strips. It detects the LH surge in a woman's body and indicates the days when she will ovulate 12-24 hours in advance.
    A woman can thereby plan her intercourse in those 2 days to increase her chances of conception significantly.

    Directions for use:
    A woman wanting to know her 2 most fertile days should begin testing as per the chart provided in the box. The test should be performed each day in the afternoon till she gets a positive result. A positive result indicates that the woman will ovulate in the next 12-24 hours. The 2 days after that will be the days when her chances of getting pregnant will be highest.

    A Quality Product from Piramal Healthcare

    INR 499.00
  • Dee India Kamakshi Wild Cat Sex Stimulant Malt Women

    Dee India Kamakshi Wild Cat Sex Stimulant Malt Women
    For Female Libido Enhancer, Lack of Desire, Experience Stronger Orgasms
    Kamakshi Wild Cat MALT can be used in different ways as you desire. Most common use with either milk or water. Also it can be added with fruit-pulps Yogurt or honey for a thicker drink. Kamakshi Malt increase libido, restores lack of drive, increase satisfaction & creates frequent interest.
    An Ayurvedic Product, No Side Effects.
    Volume: 400gms.
    A Quality Product from Dee India
    INR 342.00
  • Zenith Nutrition AcaiFab, 250mg - 120 Capsules

    Zenith Nutrition Acai Berry 250mg - 120 Capsules

    An exotic fruit extractrich in antioxidants. Also contains protein, unsaturated fatty acids, fiber andnutrients such as calcium, iron and thiamin.

    Acai Berry is rich inantioxidants, protein, unsaturated fatty acids, fiber and body minerals

    What are acai berries?

    Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) berries, found in the Brazilian rain forest, havebeen used for thousands of years to promote overall health, energy andvitality. They’re abundant in compounds known as anthocyanins, natural pigmentsresponsible for the berry’s deep purple coloring and antioxidant properties.

    Phytochemical and nutrient component analysishave demonstrated acai berries have a low-sugar content and contain lipids,with unsaturated fatty acids (oleic and linoleic acids), phytosterols(ß-sitosterol) and dietary fiber.

    How do acai berries support health?

        Consumption of acai juice or pulp by healthy human volunteers has been shown to cause a significant increase in plasma antioxidant activity.
        Scientific evidence has shown that acai extract possessed noticeable activity against superoxide, and highest activity of any food reported to date against the peroxyl radical, when measured by the oxygen radical absorbance capacity assay (ORACFL).

    Zenith Nutrition’s Acai Berry

        Provides with a minimum of 10% phenolic acid (from 5:1 extract), per two-capsule serving.
        Convenient way to obtain the benefits of acai berry without having to consume large amounts of the fruit.
        Exceptional quality at an extraordinary value.

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 2 Capsule | Servings per Container: 60
      Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    Acai Berry Extract (Euterpe Oleracea) containing a minimum of 10% phenolic acid (from 51 extract)(fruit) 500 mg *

    *Daily value not established.

    Other Ingredients : Vegetable gelatin (capsule),magnesium stearate.


    As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules daily oras directed by a physician.

    Store in a cool, dry place.


    Pregnant or lactating women, diabetics,hypoglycemics, and people with known medical conditions and/or taking drugsshould consult with a licensed physician and/or pharmacist prior to takingdietary supplements.


    These statements have not been evaluated by theFDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent anydisease.


    A Quality Product from Zenith Nutrition

    INR 1008.00
  • Aryanveda Spa Silver Facial Kit

    Aryanveda Spa Silver Facial Kit

    Grab attention with your silvery shine. Aryanveda Silver Kit gives a holistic care to your skin. Presence of silver particles, jojoba, aloevera and Nano technology gives a complete make over to your personality. It heals the damages caused to skin by environmental factors, hormone imbalance and other skin impurities. It cleanses the skin, provides health supplements, tone up the skin texture and brightens up your skin. A perfect match for your skin needs.

    USP : Glow facial for dark complexion and oily to combination skin.

    Skin t   ype : Suitable for all skin types.

    Age : All Ages.

    Method Of Treatment :

    • Step 1: Cleanser
    • Step 2: Scrub
    • Step 3: Massage Gel
    • Step 4: Massage Cream
    • Step 5: Pack
    • Step 6: Serum

    Action: Aryanveda Silver facial system helps the skin develop its healthiest form without destroying tissue cells. NANO LPD revitalize the skin in its purest form. It increase the efficacy and decrease the unwanted side effects of the active ingredients. Active ingredients like Allantoin, Silver Particles, Almond oil, Olive oil provide nourishment to skin. It helps the skin to skin to look soft, smooth and glowing. It is used as a natural antibiotic or healing agent.

    Result : It stimulates blood circulation required for radiant skin. Skin looks soft, smooth and glowing.

    Treatment duration : 45 Minutes.

    Recommendation : Recommended after every 15 days.


    A Quality Product from Aryanveda

    INR 550.00
  • Mapple Body Grow - 300gm

    Mapple Body Grow - 300gm

    Body Grow is the complete protein source to build and maintain muscle. It is useful when training to decrease the body fat and enhance body physique while maintaining lean muscle mass. Body grow is an advanced low calorie formula that is virtually fat free. Body Grow contains Soy Protein Concentrate which is a rich protein source important for healthy maintenance of body cells as well as repairs of worn-out tissues after intense physical exercise. Besides body builders and athletes, BODY GROW is ideal for all individuals (men, women and teenagers) as it provides a balanced nutrition of highest quality proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

    Mapple BODY GROW is an extensively studied and well thought out blend that is enriched with proteins, in a combination of whey, soy and milk protein. It is a perfect supplement that meets the high energy demands of those who follow tough training schedules. It also provides greater overall stimulation of muscle protein building when compared to any other single nutrient supplement. It is 100% vegetarian therefore it can be taken without any hesitation. Building up of muscle requires protein and the quality of protein used in Body Grow combines essential and non essential amino acids in a perfect ratio for maximum absorption and assimilation. BODY GROW provides you with ideal nutritional support to help you boost muscle mass and gain strength. Important components in the BODY GROW, like Isoflavones and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) helps in reducing fat percentage and assists the building of lean muscle mass at a faster pace. The perfect proportion of carbohydrates and protein supports repair, rebuild and supply energy to body tissues.

    BODY GROW also provides the body with adequate amounts of micro-nutrients like Vitamins and Minerals to support metabolic function, boost immune system and acts as antioxidants. BODY GROW is an excellent nutrient mixture of Whey protein, soy and milk protein. This combination helps in maintaining the protein balance, protein synthesis and protein breakdown.

    BODY GROW also provides the body with easily digestible carbohydrates, essential amino acids and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), Vitamins & Minerals. Vitamins facilitate biochemical reactions required for energy production needed the most during exercise thus improves fatigue threshold. Mapple's Body Grow is specifically designed to help individuals recover from post-exercise strain and restore muscle strength and integrity quickly and efficiently.

    Mapple's Body Grow is a unique combination of carbohydrates from natural sources. Furthermore, this powerful combination of carbohydrates has neither fat nor cholesterol. Mapple's Body Grow help you to restore muscle strength, enhance performance and promote good health. Mapple Body Grow is not just for the athlete, body builders. However, It supports the muscle maintenance, build up and toning among individuals who what to gain weight and tone up their body. Mapple Body Grow is also a nutritional supplement of choice for those who want to lead an active lifestyle and gain weight. If you are looking for an ideal nutritional support to boost muscle mass and strength, all you need is Mapple BODY GROW.

    Suitable for both males and females, with the regular intake of Body Grow, one may start feeling the difference in 4-6 weeks. For good results, regular exercise is suggested. No Side effects. Ingredients Soya Flour, Skimmed Milk Solids, Sucrose, Malt Extracts, Yeast, Minerals, Herbs, Vitamins and Permitted preservatives. Contains added flavour.

    Ingredients : Composition(Per 100 Gms) : Energy Value-410.0 K Cal, Carbohydrates-58.0 g, Protein-28.0 g, Fat-5.0 g, Minerals -4.0 g, Moisture -3.0 g, Fibre-2.0 g, Essential Minerals-, Calcium-1210.0 mg, Phosphorus-320.0 mg, Sodium -410.0 mg, Iron-4.0 mg, Zinc-5.0 mg, Essential Vitamins-, Vitamins A-2000 IU, Vitamins C-50.0 mg, Vitamins D3-400 IU, Vitamins E-5.0 IU, Vitamins B1-0.8 mg, Vitamins B2-0.8 mg, Vitamins B6-1.0 mg, Vitamins B12-5.0 mcg, Biotin-0.1 mcg, Calcium Panthothenate-5.0 mg, Folic Acid-0.3 mg, Niacinamide -15.0 mg

    Dosage : 10 to 15 Gms. thrice a day with milk or water.

    Side Affect : No side affect reported

    Disclaimer : Results may vary from individual to individual. All Claims are based on customer feedbacks and testimonials.

    A Quality Product from Mapple Overseas

    INR 440.00
  • Faces I Shine Eye Shadow Quartet - Blue-02

    Faces I Shine Eye Shadow Quartet - Blue-02

    Another of our must-have best sellers. Go creative with these gorgeous shades which are easily blendable. High-quality formula provides crease-free uniform coverage. Vitamin E and almond oil enriched for added nourishment and comfortable wear


    A Quality Product from Faces

    INR 599.00
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