Svaasa Natural Vitamin-E 400IU and Seleno Excell 100mcg

Svaasa Natural Vitamin-E 400IU and Seleno Excell 100mcg

Antioxidant, Immune function,Healthy skin, nerves & blood circulation
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Svaasa Natural Vitamin-E 400IU and Seleno Excell 100mcg

Vitamin E is a fat soluble antioxidant vitamin that helps to neutralize potentially damaging free radicals in our body that may lead to development of cardiovascular disease and cancer. It exists in eight different forms, d-alpha-tocopherol being the most active form and one of the most powerful biologically active antioxidants. Vitamin E is particularly important for the protection of cell membranes as well as keeping your skin, heart and circulation, nerves, muscles and red blood cells healthy. It may also reduce cellular ageing, prevent abnormal blood clotting, synergize with vitamin A to protect the lungs against pollutants, protect retina. Selenium is an antioxidant that works in conjunction with Vitamin E. ways that Selenium can enhance longevity is by activating the powerful antioxidant glutathione to fight off potentially dangerous free radicals and stimulate the production of white blood cells to enhance immune functioning. It also imparts normal thyroid functioning to support a healthy metabolism.

Suggested use: Take one gel daily or as directed by your qualified health professional.
Supplement Facts
                Serving Size 1 soft gel                       Servings Per Container 3

 Amount per serving             % Daily Value
Vitamin E           400IU                                 1332%
Selenium(as high selenium yeast)100mcg                         143%

All Ingredients in descending order: Vitamin E D-a Tocopherol,Gelatin, SelenoExcell High Selenium Yeast, Glycerine, Carob Extract Concentrate, Purified Water, Fumed Silica, Titanium Dioxide.

Contains: No Artificial Colours, Flavours or sweeteners. No Preservatives, No Starch, No Milk, No Lactose, No Gluten, No Porcine
  • GNC B-Complex 50 (100 Caps)

    GNC B-Complex 50 100 Capsules

    A balanced B-complex formula that provides 50 mg of all 8 essential B vitamins that are necessary for carbohydrate metabolism and energy production.

    • Hard shell capsule. Vitamin B-1 plays a role in energy metabolism and is essential for proper nerve and muscle function.
    • Vitamin B-2 is essential for energy production and fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism.
    • Niacin provides dietary support for a healthy blood lipid profile.
    • Vitamin B-6 plays a role in the maintenance of normal homocysteine levels.
    • Folic Acid plays a role in the maintenance of normal homocysteine levels, supports your cardiovascular system.
    • Adequate folate in a healthful diet may reduce a woman's risk of having a child with a brain or spinal cord defect. Vitamin B-12 is essential for energy production and red blood cells.
    • Biotin functions as a coenzyme in metabolism, is required for fatty acid synthesis and provides dietary support for healthy nails and hair. Plus B factors, choline, inositol and PABA that have similar properties as B-vitamins.


    A Quality Product from GNC

    INR 1199.00
  • Aryanveda Spa Pearl Facial Kit

    Aryanveda Spa Pearl Facial Kit

    When a pearl sparkles it mesmerizes you deep to the soul. Imagine the same spark on your skin, its not that hard with Aryanveda Pearl Kit. Alignment of pearl particles, botanical extracts and Nano technology treats your skin delicately and makes your skin pearly beautiful!

    USP : For instant glow, fairness & oily to combination skin.

    Skin Type : Oily to combination.

    Age : All Ages.

    Method of treatment :

    • Step 1 : Cleanser
    • Step 2 : Scrub
    • Step 3 : Massage Gel
    • Step 4 : Massage Cream
    • Step 5 : Pack
    • Step 6 : Serum

    Action : It has essential element required for maintain not only moisture content but natural oil balance also. It repairs & soothes the damaged cells & provides protection against irritants while other products only repair. NANO LPD acts simultaneously on all the factors responsible for skin darkening. Active ingredients like Milk Protein , Allantoin , Punarnava , Giloy , Chamomile oil and lotus help to heal minor wear & tear of skin tissue and make it healthy and firm. It acts as skin aid for its beneficial effects like brightening & natural healing inducing agent..

    Result : Metabolic activity is stimulated. It reduces the amount of melanin production & oxidation of melanin.

    Treatment duration : 45 Minutes.

    Recommendation : Recommended after every 15 days.


    A Quality Product from Aryanveda

    INR 424.00
  • GRF Feminine Capsules 60's Pack

    GRF Feminine Capsules 60's Pack

    Feminine Capsules is 100% Natural and Non-Prescription herbal supplement for Women. Feminine Capsules is an advanced herbal formula. It offers relief from menstrual problems such as dysmenorrhoea, menorrhagia, metropathic menses, polymenorrhea, oligomenorrhea and secondary amenorrhoea. If you constantly suffer from menstrual disorders, Feminine Capsules is an ideal choice of medication for you. It is formulated from natural herbs and ingredients like suhaga, menfal, gajar beej, sounth, heerabol and kesar aloe, which also ensure no side effects or negative contraindications.

    These capsules help in regulating menstrual cycles and restoring female reproductive organs as well. As non-hormonal capsules, Feminine Capsules is also effective for treating dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea and irregular menstruation. Feminine Capsules can even reduce the pain that women feel during these cycles. It is also helpful in salpingitis, cervicitis, cophoritis, endometritis, urethritis and cystitis. Regular intake of Gynecure capsule helps in keeping vaginal tract healthy and women can enjoy their sexual life without any interruption and difficulties.

    Benefits of Feminine Capsules:

    • Regulating menstrual cycles
    • Restoring female reproductive organs
    • Helpful in dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea
    • Reduce the pain during menstrual cycles
    • Helpful in salpingitis, cervicitis, cophoritis, endometritis, urethritis and cystitis.
    • Helps in leucorrhea or white discharge
    • 100% Herbal and Safe, No side effects For Regulating the Irregular Menstrual Cycle.
    • Regulated Menustural Cycle.
    • Helps in all kind of mestrual related problems.
    • Product Formulation Approved by Deptt. of Ayush (Govt. of India).

    Manufactured by GMP Certified Company.100% Herbal & Ayurvedic (No Side Effects).

    Composition : Daucs Carota Var. Sativa DC (Gajar Beej) 75 mg. Gossypium Herbaceum Linn (Kapas) 75 mg. Aloe Barbadensis Mill (Alva) 75 mg. Lepidium Sativum (Chandrika) 50 mg. Crocus Satibus/ Saffron (Kesar) 50 mg. Abroma Augusta (Ulat Kambal) 50 mg. Randia Dunentorum Lam (Meinphal) 50 mg. Zingiber Officinale Roscoe (Sonth) 50 mg. Sodii Bidoras (Suhaga) 25 mg.

    Dosage : 1 Capsule twice a day .

    Disclaimer : Results may vary from individual to individual. All Claims are based on customer feedbacks and testimonials.


    A Quality Product from GRF Ayurveda

    INR 1000.00
  • Growmax Kesh Rich Ayurvedic Hair Oil

    Growmax Kesh Rich Ayurvedic Hair Oil

    Composition :An ayurvedic Hair Oil

    Indication :Cures baldness & prevents dandruff,Promotes hair growth, blackness & shines,Improves blood circulation to scalp


    A Quality Product from Growmax

    INR 145.00
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