Baidyanath Vita-Ex Gold Capsules - 20 Caps

For vigour and vitality
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Vita Ex Gold - 20 capsules

Recharge, Reactivate, Refresh your vitality and vigour. Go for Baidyanath Vita – Ex – Gold Plus. An Ayurvedic product of repute, enriched by Silver and Gold Bhasma. Fortified with additional 14 invaluable potent Herbs increase your pleasure and heightens your happiness for a longer time.

Advancing age means loss of youthfulness, Vitality & Stamina. Lack of excerise, stress, prolonged use of various medication, heavy smoking, alcoholism etc can lead to a decrease in desire and virility. In ayurveda valuable herbs known for relieving sexual problems are samhita the herbs & minerals are mentioned which help to lead a healthy sexual life.

Benefits :

  • Silver Bhasma : It strengthens the muscles. Imparts strength to the body tissues & Vital organs, especially to the reproductive systems.
  • Swarna-Bhasma : A proven vitality-booster & nervine tonic. Promotes longevity . Imparts strength. Improves sexual vigour & vitality.
  • Saffrom : Stimulant, aphrodisiac & nervine tonic. Kesar contains pircrocrocin which has the ability to cause erotic sensation. Picrocrocin which has the ability to cause erotix sensation.
  • Safed Musli : Well known sexual tonic. Effective in seminal weakness& impotence.
  • Kounchbeej : Acts as Aphrodisiac effective in spermatorrhea . Improves sexual health.
  • Ashwagandha : Rasayana & Rejuvenative tonic. Acts as aphrodisiac.
  • Madan Oil : Ensures satisfactory performance Enhacnce virility & Vitality.
Ingredients :

Shodhit Shilajeet 50 mg, Safed Musali 50 mg, Asagandha 40 mg, Akarkara 15 mg, Rauya Bhasma 15 mg, Abhrak Bhasma 15 mg, Kant Loha Bhasma 15 mg, Lavang 15 mg, Keshar 15 mg, Samudra Shosh 15 mg, Kabachini 15 mg, Jaiphal 15 mg, Javitri 15 mg, Kaunch Beej 120 mg, Dalchini 20 mg, Salam Misri 20 mg, Gokharu 20 mg, Vidarikand 20 mg, Veng Bhasma 20 mg, Swarna Bhasma 2 mg.

Dosage :

1-2 capsules twice a day with milk or water

A quality Product from Baidyanath

  • Baidyanath Musli Pak 250 gm.


    Musli Pak 250 gm.

    Baidyanath Musli Pak is a combination of Aphrodisiac and Revitalizing herbs. It is very useful for Emiciation, lack of strength and vigor, Premature ejaculation, Male Sterility and Loss of libido.

    Dose :


    A quality Product from Baidyanath.

    INR 370.00
  • Aryanveda Spaline Tanend Facial Kit

    Aryanveda Spaline Tanend Facial Kit

    Dark skin due to hectic life and direct exposure to UV rays steals the charm of your persona, leaving your skin dark and dull. Worry no more! Aryanveda Tanend Kit simply casts magic on your skin. Its formula combining the bliss of Nano technology and natural herbs lightens up you skin tone, improves your skin texture and makes it look fairer. And your skin will be ready to rule the roost of every heart.

    USP : For removing tan.

    Skin type : Suitable for all skin types.

    Age : All Ages.

    Method of treatment :

    • Step 1 : Cleanser
    • Step 2 : Scrub
    • Step 3 : Massage Gel
    • Step 4 : Massage Cream
    • Step 5 : Pack
    • Step 6 : Serum

    Action : Aryanveda tanend facial system repairs Sun damaged cells providing protection against Sun rays, while other products only repair. NANO Technology acts simultaneously on all the factors responsible for skin darkening. Active ingredients like Melanostain, carrot seed oil, Pomegranate extract reduces the effect of UV radiation on skin.Also it’s a natural carotene and pigment which helps to control burning sensation & hyper pigmentation.

    Result : It reduced the amount of melanin production & oxidation of melanin. It also protects the skin from further damaged.

    Treatment duration : 45 Minutes.

    Recommendation : 6 session with the gap of 15 day.


    A Quality Product from Aryanveda

    INR 1900.00
  • Aryanveda Marine Pack

    Aryanveda Marine Pack

    Marine Pack with Sea Algae & Sea Minerals

    USP : Hydrating.

    Key Ingredients : Natural Essential Body Minerals from Sea, Sea Algae extract, Lemon Grass oil & Rose water.

    Skin Type : Suitable for all skin types. Especially, for environmentally damaged skin.

    Age : All Ages.

    Benefit : Replenishes the skin of its Natural Essential Body Minerals from Sea.


    Action : Marine & Algae extract (Alignates, Ascophyluum, Spirulin Laminaria, Fucus & Nori) in this pack acts as "penetration enhancers" that allows Natural Essential Body Minerals to readily permeate the skin. Marine pack helps skin to find optimal oil balance.

    How To Use : Wash your face and pat it dry. Apply a thick layer of Face Pack all over your face (avoiding eyes) and leave on 10-15 minutes for optimum results. Rinse off with abundant clear water. For best results use it twice a week.

    Result : Nourishes the skin and gives it a natural glow and healthy radiance.

    Rec   ommendation : Use 1 dose each week all over your face.


    A Quality Product from Aryanveda

    INR 550.00
  • Faces Glam On Lipstick - Sugar Rose 102

    Faces Glam On Lipstick - Sugar Rose 102

    We can't seem to get our factories to make enough of them ever. Rich, Vibrant & Long Stay colors, enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E. Experience the effortless glide over lips for a smooth, rich appearance. Specially formulated to be stable at high temperatures (why do we have these Indian summers?). The most complete lipstick, ever. Period.


    A Quality Product from Faces

    INR 499.00
  • Vacurect OTC DX Model

    Vacurect OTC DX Model

    Those who intent to solve their sexual disorders and enjoy a healthy sexual life should definitely go for Vacurect OTC DX Model, which is one of the best health products online to improve your sexual life. Vacurect OTC DX Model is suggested to Revive Intimacy. The bonding and making love with your partner is necessary for a healthy happy and sustainable relationship of couples.

    Sexuality is an important component of emotional and physical intimacy that couple experiences through their lives. A healthy sexual life checks your weight, increases your immune, self esteem, reproductive health and intimacy also. Moreover it has multiple health benefits with complete well – being. Research says that men at some point in life faces the problem of erectile dysfunction leading to a stressful relationship. Erectile Dysfunction is a global medical condition that affects men of all ages. The causes of ED are varied i.e. Diabetes, Urological Problem, Heart problems, High B.P., Stress / Depression and Age related problem and treatment options include medication, surgery and vacuum therapy. Diabetes is emerging as a leading cause of erectile dysfunction among Indian men.

    Vacurect  OTC - Dx Model is safe US - FDA approved medical device for those who suffer inability to satisfy their partner. Based on vacuum therapy it gives complete natural erection to your penis in less than a minute that ensures pleasure during sexual intercourse. In many cases this is the only available option to men who do not want to or simply cannot use the medication or employ even more surgical measures.  

    The Appealing Benefits of Vacurect System are:    

    US - FDA Approved,clinically tested For OTC use,safest of all treatment,can be used in conjunction with other treatments,non - invasive,no- side effects,suitable for all ages & Medical conditions (Diabetes, Hypertension etc.),excellent confidence builder,high success (96% plus ) & partner satisfaction rate.No Prescription Required and comes with 1 year warranty      


    • Vacurect Device Dx Model contains 9 reusable tension rings of different sizes,
    • 1 bottle of lubricant (Normal) 50ml,pure Silicon system oil,
    • convenient carry bag,
    • user Manual/CD and
    • manufacturers Warranty Certificate .

    A Quality Product from Vacurect, USA 

    INR 11550.00
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